Code Stories is our answer to the inadequacies of traditional project management platforms.


Few things fail so miserably as project management tools; they have a peculiar talent all their own. True, they're more effective than bouncing emails back and forth, but if we're honest, that's a pretty low bar to pass.

Their most significant shortcomings are their inability to communicate context and their obsession with tasks.


Finding A Fit Isn't Easy

If Goldilocks described most project management tools, some would be too complicated and others are too simple; nothing is just right.



Code Stories is the best way to connect your business' goals to the development of your business applications. It's successful because it depends on something we are familiar with: story.



We start by listing your business' goals. This is where you want to take your company. We want to know what they are; it's critical if we're going to develop applications that your business will depend on to reach those goals.



Once we understand your business goals, we collaboratively craft a set of features. Each feature is described in a single sentence using plain English. Features are linked to one or more business goals. Linking your applications' features to business goals in the first step in providing context to each feature.



Once we are satisfied with the set of features, we begin the narrative. The narrative is a single thread connecting all the design decisions, instructions to developers and feedback from clients.

It's also chronological; the development, testing and deployment of each feature is scheduled on the calendar.



This part of the process entails the developers taking the narrative and the features and translating into technical jargon. Think of this part of the process like drafting blueprints for a building that ties everything together.



Escape the disjointed and forgetful project management tools of yesteryear and come write a better software story with us!


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